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Cheating is a popular topic.  Men and women cheat.  But most people ask “Why do men cheat”.  According to Steve Harvey in his book “Act like a lady Think like a man,” there are a few reasons men cheat.  The one that stands out to me is that “Some men that cheat don’t have their priorities in order.”  That order should be, God – or whatever floats your boat, then family, education, and business.

 Topping Harvey’s list of reasons men cheat is: they think they can get away with it. The second reason is there are women out here who are willing to cheat with them.  So I pose the question, “Why do women cheat?”  I, as a woman must acknowledge, we as women do our dirt.  We call men who cheat dogs.  So what should we call women who do the same thing?  A bitch?  I mean it is a female dog.

 Whatever we call them, the question is still, why do women cheat?  Women cheat for the same reasons men cheat.  They expect they won’t get caught, and there are men who don’t mind being boyfriend number two.   

I asked a young lady why she thinks women cheat and she said, “Women cheat because the person they may be in a relationship with isn’t pleasing them right.”  She believes women’s curiosity is the main reason some women cheat.

I also asked a “mature” lady why she thinks women cheat.  She believes people cheat for self-fulfillment, dreams, desires, revenge, and prestige.  And when she says prestige, she means “trophies.”  She points to Tiger Woods as an example, saying, “Look at Tiger Woods. He married the woman he wanted.  He has everything.  And still, he went out and cheated on his wife with twelve other women. He’s searching for something, fulfillment. Perhaps it’s something he thought he could get away with.”  He could go virtually anywhere… to Texas or Georgia or wherever, and have a woman there.  Another mature sister used the phrase, “Tiger was Pimping all over the world.”

My curiosity took me somewhere else for answers to my question about cheating women.  So I sought a masculine perspective, on “Why Women Cheat”.  And the response I got from one man is, “the female isn’t being satisfied… If a man is not doing what he is supposed to do…  like spending time with her or showing affection.  This will send your wife/girlfriend looking for it somewhere else”. He also says “Females think they won’t get caught.  So they tell a man whatever they think he wants to hear.”

It seems cheating has become a normal part of society.  It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re married or committed. 

What I’ve seen makes me believe most people cheat or have been cheated on whether they know it or not

With the little information I did gather it’s fair to say we are equal. Men and Women cheat for the same reasons: fulfillment and fun. So if something is lacking in your relationship speak up because keeping silent and looking elsewhere is simply selfish.  Tell your partner what your relationship lacks and deal with it. If you feel that it’s unfixable then by all means leave! Don’t drag the ones you love along in your mess.



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 Prosecutors has filed paperwork that enables them to seek the death penalty against Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor charged with murder for the deaths of one woman and seven viable babies born alive in his West Philadelphia clinic.

But three of Gosnell’s staffers also accused of killing babies caught a break: Prosecutors filed for a 60-day extension to get more time to mull whether they’ll seek executions for co-defendants Lynda Williams, Steven Massof and Adrienne Moton.

The extension suggests they’ll lean on the trio to get more evidence against Gosnell.

“They might want to tell us more things before (the new deadline),” Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore said.

“We are seeking the death penalty” against Gosnell because of two “aggravating factors” — he’s accused of multiple murders and his alleged victims are younger than age 12, Pescatore said.

Attorney Jack McMahon, who represents Gosnell, said seeking execution for Gosnell “makes no sense.”

“He’s a 70-year-old man with no previous record. And Pennsylvania hasn’t carried out an execution in years (since 1999). The reality is there will be no death penalty for Mr. Gosnell, so why clog up the court system with a death penalty case that is death penalty in name only?” McMahon said.

The next court date for Gosnell and his co-defendants is March 30, a pre-trial conference. Just two of the former doctor’s alleged accomplices — Maddline Joe and Tina Baldwin – are out on bail, and both appeared in court today. Neither would comment to reporters. Gosnell and the other co-defendants still jailed did not appear.

Gosnell is charged with the first-degree murder of seven viable infants and third-degree murder in the

in the 2009 death of a patient, Karna Maya Mongar, at his squalid clinic, the Women’s Medical Society, at 38th Street and Lancaster Avenue.

Gosnell is accused of performing illegal late-term abortions, during which he induced  pre-term labor rather than use traditional abortion methods. When babies were born alive, according to a grand jury report, Gosnell and his staffers would slit their throats or stab them in the neck with scissors to sever their spinal cords.

Massof, who posed as a doctor at the clinic, and Moton and Williams, who performed abortions and related medical duties despite not being certified or licensed, also are accused of killing viable babies. Sherry West, Williams and Gosnell are charged with third-degree murder in Mongar’s death. Four other co-defendants are charged with lesser offenses.


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The Diesel store in India sure do know how to grab some attention. With the any purchase over $150 you will receive Diesel’s free Blowjob knee pads.  This would have been the best Valentine’s Gift for any couple in America. She will no longer need to use a pillow that’s for sure.

So my question to you is: Do you think that the Diesel Stores in America should do the same? Why or Why not

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